Computing Heat Recycle Technology Development Center


How to join OCEC Education Program

  • Step 1: Contact us at

  • Step 2: Coordinate on-campus or on-site instruction plan
  • Step 3: Schedule on-campus or on-site instruction time
  • Step 4: Instruction and report out

Note: For on-site visits, please ensure all visitors fill out the photo release form and liability waiver before the trip.

Center Education Program News

  • Field trip at our site will be open for registration soon.
  • Center Education Program is open for registration.
  • Marietta Community Fund (MCF) approved our funding application!

OCEC Education Program Overview

1. Extracurricular Program

  • Computing data center introduction
  • Computing heat recycling system introduction
  • Computing heat recycle application introduction
  • Advanced Computing Center Ecosystem

2. Onsite instruction and school campus bootcamps

  • Onsite instruction I: data center site visit and on-site classes.
  • Onsite instruction II: Student hands on vegetable growing in greenhouse at the site
  • Campus instruction: Instruction and training at school campus for students and teachers

Procedure of On-site Instruction

  • Field trip program
  1. Video presentation (10 min)
  2. Site tour (50 min)
  • Full instruction program

  1. Pre site visit on-campus instruction (total 3 hrs)
  2. Video presentation (10 min)
  3. Computing center instruction (30 min)
  4. Computing heat recycling system instruction (30 min)
  5. Greenhouse operation instruction (4 hr)
  6. Post visit report out (1 hr)

An open platform for computing heat recycling system and application research and development

5000 sqft greenhouse with floor heating by recycled computing heat

Our Sponsors and Partners

Please contact us to discuss how to be our sponsors and partners!


We would like to thank generous contribution from MCF’s unrestricted funds and Buell Family Donor Advised Fund!

  • J. Francis and Lillian Strecker Smith Fund
  • Karl D. & Anna Schultheis Marsch Fund
  • Broughton-Sugden Fund*
  • F. Buchanon, J.H. McCoy, H. Switzer & Mildren Fund*
  • Betty Markell Hallock Memorial Fund
  • Ida P. Zimmer Memorial Fund
  • Barb & Jack Moberg Charitable Fund*
  • Juhola Family Charitable Fund
  • Charles Hobbs Rhodes & Beulah Lee Rhodes Memorial Fund
  • Tony Popp Memorial Fund*
  • Harold & Janet Cranston Charitable Fund*
  • Norman J. Murray Family Charitable Fund*
  • Virginia K. Mayle & Peter Polites Family Charitable Fund*
  • Glen “Pete” and Jean Thorne Memorial Fund Frank and Virginia “Ginny” Amrine Memorial Fund
  • Walter E. Patton Memorial Fund
  • Bret & Cari Bicoy Family Fund
  • Williams Family Charitable Fund
  • Alma Lou Moore Memorial Fund
  • Dale and Jean Leeper Charitable Fund*
  • Roland & Margaret Fredericks Charitable Fund*
  • Kean Weaver Memorial Fund*
  • R. Neil and Doris Christy Community Fund
  • Buell Family Donor Advised Fund*

With Your Help, We Can Build Our Program Better!

Be one of our greenhouse operation volunteers!

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Donate equipment and supplies for our greenhouse operation!

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